What is important to you?

What is important to you when it comes to choosing your photographer? I have often asked myself this very question. What would i look for? What questions would i ask? Who would i think was my best fit in regards to my needs and style?

These are the very questions everyone should be asking before locking in a photographer. After all it is an investment that is a lifelong one. These portraits, i taken correctly can last you generations upon generations. My mother has portraits of my own Great Grandmother on her wall, and to view them is a blessing as it has been many, many years since i have seen her.

Often while i am editing my clients newborn images i think to myself ‘one day this little babies grandchildren or great grandchildren will view this portrait in pure amazement that this is their grandparent as a newborn’. It really blows my mind the power that photography and portraits have.

Below i have outlined some of the things clients should consider when booking in a photographer.

  • Consistency – your photographer should have an established portfolio of work for you to look through and a certain style. Ensure that this style is what suits you and your family. Have some inspiration pics on hand to send to the photographer, this helps the photographer to understand the style you are looking for.
  • Experience in the handling of newborn babies & children/wedding preparation and capture. This is so important! There are many photographers who just specialise in one field, so if you are choosing a photographer that specialises in many areas, ensure that that their work is consistent across all.
  • Practices “safe posing” of newborns if you are looking at newborn photographers.
  • Has insurance – in particular public liability insurance.
  • Is fully immunised, with the recent outbreak of Whooping Cough this is most important and is a question you should always ask a newborn photographer before booking.

Warm regards,


Nerida xx