Professional Portrait Photography, how do you choose the best one for you?

Professional portrait photography can be a wonderful investment for families when chosen correctly, but sometimes choosing a photographer to capture a special portrait can be a daunting task.  Pictures generally create the longest lasting impressions you will have of any special occasion, therefore it is important to make a well-informed decision when selecting a photographer for you professional portrait photography.

But when there are so many photographers out there, how do you decide which photographer is better, or which one is right for you?  For many people, price is often the main determining factor but this is not necessarily the best decision, it should in fact be quite the opposite for clients. Like the old saying goes…. quality over quantity.

So how do you choose the best professional portrait photography in a sea of photographers? Who is most likely to create extraordinary portraits which are really worth paying money for? How can you tell a great photo from an ordinary one?

When looking at a photographers website, Facebook page or portfolio, don’t worry too much about what other people think. Find a portfolio that strikes a chord with the one’s who really matter: you and your husband/wife.

Photography is such a personal choice, and if you try  to follow the opinions of many others, you will more then likely end up with portraits that you don’t really want to hang on your walls! Instead ask yourself these questions – is this photo a Gem or a Snapshot to YOU? In a sea of photographers which portfolio stands out to you? Who’s images look beautifully finished and polished? Who’s images look like they would be a forever portrait hanging on your wall?


When talking with your photographer, take a moment and ask yourself – is he/she passionate about their work? Passionate about photography? Do they love their work? Do they know their field of work? Do they know what they are talking about when discussing photography?

They are the ones who don’t watch the clock while working with you and they tend to produce photos that are infused with richness and quality. And they’re a dream to work with.

There are so many photographers out there that thought doing “photography” was a great idea to make a “bit of extra cash” or help “pay the bills”. It’s not about making remarkable art and more about getting a good enough shot to get paid.

You want to be able to walk away from your session with a collection of images which all look ‘different’, like they were taken at different times and a different location. When you look through your gallery all you feel is wow, wow, wow when you peruse each image. You don’t want to pay for anything short of wow!

So when choosing a photographer for your professional portrait photography, book with a professional. Don’t make decisions entirely based on price as these are you memories, your investment and you deserve the BEST! 🙂




Nerida xxx