Professional Newborn Photography

Professional newborn photography is a massive decision. It is something that i am extremely passionate about educating people in as it is a fleeting moment in a families life.

It is also imperative that you put your newborn baby in safe, qualified hands. That i can not stress enough.

I was chatting to a client recently and in that discussion the client told me that the newborn images they had done of their eldest daughter there was only one image that they liked or would print from the entire gallery, which was extremely disappointing.

My heart broke for the couple, that was a special moment and memories for them.

So, it is my mission now to educate everyone on booking with a professional to ensure that what you get is quality. You are investing in a lifelong memory, not a phone or an Ipad that will last 2 years, this is something that will last you decades if you spend properly 🙂

The main things i tell people to look for when booking are;

  1. A portfolio that has a consistent quality of images. With this i mean each image is of a high standard.
  2. Variety. A gallery that shows a variety of different poses, set ups, lighting or style. You want to see that the photographer is capable of more then one style or setup; for example on the beanbag posing and in props.
  3. Testimonials. This part of their website is crucial. How have other clients responded to working with this photographer?
  4. Qualifications. This isn’t always necessary, but it helps to know that the photographer has passion and dedication toward what they do. Especially when it comes to handling and posing babies. Have they learnt how to correctly work with newborns?


I can not stress enough the importance of booking with a professional. Try not to shop for cheap when it comes to photographing your baby, as cheap is never best.

I hope i have helped in some way on your search for your perfect newborn photographer. Please if you have any questions about booking in for professional newborn photography,  i am always open to chat and help guide you. Even if you are not booking with me.

It is always good to ask questions as your baby and these memories are so precious.


Warm regards,




professional-newborn-photographer    professional-newborn-photographer

professional-newborn-photographer    newborn-photographer

professional-newborn-photographer    professional-newborn-photographer

professional-newborn-photograher    professional-newborn-photographer

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professional-newborn-photographer   professional-newborn-photography