Professional Newborn Photography – Why the change?


As a portrait photographer i am extremely passionate about my work and professional newborn photography. It is something that families invest in, and to them it is a lifelong investment. Something they can keep for generations and keep looking back on over the years, and eventually, hand down to their kids, their grandkids and so on.

This was part of my reason to change up my packages. I was providing online galleries for parents to view, but then it occurred to me ‘Are they viewing my work at its best? How it is meant to look? Is all my hours of editing and slaving away at the computer ensuring their images are perfect being seen as it is on my monitor? No, it wasn’t.

Due to the low res files that i have to upload onto the website, there was at times banding across my images, parents were viewing on mobile phones and monitors that aren’t professionally colour calibrated, therefore the colour wasn’t a true representation of my work.

I want my clients to view, touch and feel how beautiful their images are when printed at a professional standard. So they can choose and make decisions based on ‘what they see, is what they will get.’ The amount of money clients spend for professional photography, they deserve that! I want to lift the level of customer service clients receive so that their experience is one to remember.

Warm regards,