Portrait Photography in Wollongong – Why it is becoming so popular

Portrait Photography Wollongong  – The increase in google searches for this keyword is on the increase.  Parents are searching this in the hopes of finding a professional to capture their memories. The demand for Newborn, children and Maternity portraits by families looking to savour these moments in their busy, hectic lives is at it’s peak. The booking calendar on my Website backs this fact too. I only have one free day this week and that one day is becoming more rare! So, what is all the rave about?

Well let me explain from my experience. Parents in this generation lead hectic lives. Most can’t afford to stay home with their children as long as our parents or our grandparents did. Mortgages, cost of living and holidays are such a growing expense that both parents need to work. Sad yes. So time with our children is precious, remembering those certain stages as they grow is precious and having that memory as a hard print is the most precious gift.

My parents, even now, are still like this. My mother has a whole hallway full of framed pictures, which we as teenagers dubbed the ‘hall of fame’! It shows each stage of my sister and mine’s life, it was embarrassing as a child and teenager, but now i appreciate walking down the hallway and staring at the pics. Remembering when i had my first child, remembering two of my grandparents who are no longer with us, remembering birthday celebrations or holidays we had as a family. The hallway is not longer an embarrassment for me, but a walk through my life with my family which i appreciate now. Even i am guilty of not taking more snaps and being too busy when my children were small. Taking this short time with them for granted!


Memories. Memories are what keeps us craving more photos, more family portraits and more holidays. Every time i book a client, that first initial email most of the time says “i am looking for a professional to capture this moment for my family as it is only there for such a short time” and how true that statement is! That is what is making Portrait Photography Wollongong so popular. Busy parents trying to remember these precious stages with their children that are so fleeting.


So, you ask, what are the popular stages to capture? Well for us here in the studio it’s our very popular and in demand Newborn Sessions, Maternity Portraits and 6 months + sitter sessions. These are our sessions that parents are booking out and can’t get enough of, To book your special and unique Wollongong portrait photography session with renowned photographer Nerida Louise Photography head to our booking form and secure your date, if your preferred date is booked out, please choose the nearest available one to that date 🙂 Or if you would like to have a chat with us (we are super friendly and love a good chat), we would love to hear from you.


Nerida xxx