Portrait Photography – Our easy to use online booking system

Hi Guys!

I thought I would quickly jump on here and show you all how easy it is to book with Nerida Louise Photography. Gosh I know how much I love things to be super easy… like getting a coffee first thing in the morning and there being no wait time 🙂 So we have made booking our Portrait Photography Sessions super, super easy. Everything you need to know and do is right here, on our website! No waiting. Unless of course you want to chat to us, then that is fine too as everyone knows…… I love to chat!

Booking our Portrait Photography Sessions has never been more easy. With our new, user friendly, online booking system your session is secured with a few simple steps and clicks of a button.

Our booking calendar can be found underneath our pricing and packages tab, keeping all our information and bookings on the one page for easier navigation. To book through our calendar all you need to do is pick your day and month (this is your due date, or the closest date to it if that one is not available) on the calendar, from there it will bring up the time (all our sessions start at 10am). Click on continue.


Once you have selected the month, date and time it will take you to another page which asks for some of your information and acceptance of our client agreement.


Once you have filled out your information and accepted our client agreement, you will then be taken to a PayPal’s page to complete payment of the deposit.


Once payment is completed you are now all booked in! It is such a simple and easy way for our clients to secure their bookings with us. Once your have selected your date, it is no longer bold and no longer available in our calendar. We also find it to be the safest way through PayPal.

Once we receive the booking confirmation in our emails, a ‘Welcome’ email will be sent to you along with a ‘what to expect at your session’ sheet. This sheet outlines what you need to bring with you on the day, what to expect during your session and how our sessions run. We also give you some great tips on what to wear to your session to ensure you get the best results in your images.

To book your session in with us, head over to our awesome online booking calendar and fill out your details. We promise you, you won’t regret it 🙂

We are also working on a great project that we are excited to be apart of for the City of Wollongong. No details can be told right at this moment ( it is still top secret!), but if we seem to be lacking in Facebook or other social media posts it’s because we are working very hard on this project to ensure it is a great success plus editing our clients beautiful portraits.

We are still doing our super cute newborn and Portrait sessions!! I just don’t have much time at present to sit and post to social media so apologies for that. I will do one heck of a catch-up soon 🙂


Much love