This Picture – Love your photo

Love Your Photo. My favourite thing about my job is handing over peoples beautifully framed images. The look on their faces, that big huge smile they get when they see it for the first time. To them is isn’t just a print, shoved in a pretty frame, it’s a treasure box of memories. It’s now one of that families most treasured assets. The first thought that comes to my head when I think about it though, handing over a beautifully framed image of them as a family, or their siblings cuddling together or just an image of their newborn baby….. is when they clutch there face in their hands and say “this picture!”

This picture opens their mind to a flood of memories that pour in, it takes them back to that exact moment.

This picture makes their heart ache in such a good way that tears well in their eyes.

This picture, they know, will bring so much joy to them and their family for years to come.

This picture, they know, will remind them of so many things about their family.

This picture is holding their entire world in it.

This picture will one day be an heirloom, handed down through generations to the point that in the distant future, this picture will be all that their family knows about them. Just one image.

This picture is not just a memory etched way in the back of their mind. It is in a beautiful frame mounted on their wall.

This picture is priceless.

Love your photos enough to print them. I have framed nearly 180 images in just over 6 months for clients and I still get goosebumps when I see my clients and their families faces seeing their beautifully framed image for the first time. I laugh at the loving little argument they have over where it is going to hang, the excitement in their voices to get home to put it up.

This picture is worth it.


Warm regards,







The above image is my own son. I just had this framed for my lounge room 🙂 I hope one day his own children receive it as a memory.