Newborn Portrait Photography ~ What’s it worth?

Well this blog is a little more personal. I had an enquiry the other day for some newborn portrait photography that left me wondering. The enquiry asked a question that i get asked often ( i am using that term loosely) and i thought i would answer it here, for everyone 🙂

I get asked a lot ‘We have had a look over your price list and are wanting to book in. Just one quick question though why are all the good photographers with perfect pics so expensive? I am not saying you aren’t worth it, more curious’ So i thought i would let you all know how we come to our pricing.

Education. I studied my butt off for three years at TAFE whilst working a full time shift work job. I needed to know that i was qualified to deliver images to my clients and that what i delivered was the best of me.

I studied my Certificate IV in Photography and my Diploma in PhotoImaging at West Wollongong TAFE and was taught by the greatest, most talented teachers who pushed me daily to be better, to try harder and to give my all, which is what i do for my clients. I continue to learn by attending mentoring classes in Newborn Photography and posing by the best Newborn Photographers in Australia, i keep studying and learning my art because i love it.

And…..It doesn’t stop there, most days i am editing, washing, washing and more washing, cleaning my studio, sterilising props that have been used in sessions, finalising galleries, uploading galleries, organising prints and ensuring everything is perfect for delivery. Last night i was up until 1:30am to fit in editing around my family and tomorrow i am unsure if i can attend my sons football game due to my workload and schedule.

My editing is the finished product for me, one image takes around 30 minutes for me to perfect. I try my absolute hardest to make sure every aspect of the image is perfect and something i am proud for my clients to hang on their walls.

This is mainly the reason why each of my packages have prints and framed products in them, so that i can ensure my clients have the most professional product on their walls that depicts my work how i seen it during the editing stage. As i have said before in posts, cheap labs don’t show correct colour as i edited it.

I work and i work a lot. My family and i haven’t had a holiday in 4 years due to my schedule and i rarely get days off where i am not answering an email or editing. I absolutely love my job, newborn portrait photography is the most rewarding job in the whole world and i wouldn’t trade it! Please don’t question photographers why they are so expensive, ask them how much work is involved in what they do 🙂

Nerida xx


newborn-portrait-photography  newborn-portrait-photography

newborn-portrait-photography  newborn-portrait-photography