Newborn photography Pricing

I thought I’d explain the cost of newborn sessions and pricing of quality, professional portraits.

A customer recently asked why my portraits are ‘so expensive’. I kindly explained why we price the sessions the way we do and the reasoning behind them.

With the ongoing costs of running a business (insurance, wear and tare on my gear and props, cost of products that come with packages, etc), the hours spent editing your images and getting your beautiful gallery ready, to produce quality portraits is not cheap.

As an example, if you pay a photographer $600.00 for a portrait session, once we work out our time setting up your session, time spent taking your images, post session processing and editing, preparing your gallery, we are roughly paid under $10 an hour.

Newborn photography is a very highly skilled field. Newborn photographers work tirelessly studying, keeping up-to-date on immunisations and safety aspects (I myself subscribe to two education sites on newborn and portrait photography to ensure my work is the best it can be), sourcing beautiful new props and wraps to ensure that your baby is safe at all times during a newborn session. I have invested years in studying photography, particularly newborn photography, to ensure that what I hand over to my clients are stunning, professional quality images.

So please, when considering the price of newborn session, consider what goes into the entire session, as our work doesn’t stop once we leave the studio. I put my heart and soul into my newborn sessions and the images to ensure that my clients enjoy top quality portraits that will last a lifetime.


Warm regards,

Nerida x