Maternity Photography

Maternity photography, such a beautiful way to celebrate your pregnancy and the upcoming arrival of your newborn baby. Something i wish i had embraced all those many years ago, though it wasn’t that popular back then.

I thought i would write a blog to help those wanting to embark on the beautiful journey that is maternity photography sessions. There is a lot of planning in the background to ensure that these sessions run beautifully. I was never a big drawer at school, after school or ever really. I could barely draw a stick figure haha. But i have embraced my drawing skills, or lack there of, and started drawing up posing ideas, location ideas, studio set ups, gowns, colours and so on. This way i have everything planned out before my clients arrival which speeds things up on my end.

A few tips from me for any client booking in a maternity session with a professional photographer;

  • Allow 1-2 hours for a maternity shoot. Standard time is 1 ½ hours.
  • Two hours before your shoot don’t wear any tight fitting clothing that may leave marks on your skin. ie; bras, tight elsatic pants around your belly.
  • Moisturise (no shimmer or overly shiny cream)
  • Freshly paint fingers and toes with a neutral/complimentary nail polish or a french manicure/clear polish.
  • Apply a non- shimmer makeup. Matte is the best for photographing. Or book in to have your hair and makeup done professionally. We offer this service with award winning makeup artist Kat Quinn.
  • If you wear jewellery keep it to a minimum, you don’t want focus taken away from yourself and your belly.
  • Beige or white underwear and bra or a tube top is best as you will be in sheer, tight fitting material for some of your images and you don’t want undergarment lines or colouring to show in your images.
  • If you are bringing your own clothing, please keep it simple (ie pastels/ solid colours). Busy prints and large bold logos do not photograph well.
  • If you are including your partner/children in the session, dress them to compliment what you have chosen to wear.
  • Most importantly, relax and enjoy your maternity session, this will show in your images most of all.

I hope this little blog helps anyone wanting to get maternity portraits done. Embrace and love your bump, you won’t have the bump forever, but photographs you will have for a lifetime.


Warm regards,