Illawarra Newborn Photography


Illawarra Newborn Photography by Nerida Louise Photography. Beautiful images that are a wonderful keepsake for you and your family.

Newborn Photography has evolved over the last 15 years. Before it was standard to get images in hospital of your new bundle of joy, wrapped in a blanket looking all fresh and squishy. Fast forward 15 years and it is now a work of art. Beautiful and elegant wraps and layers sitting in amazing props with your baby posed looking ever so calm and relaxed. I must say though i do prefer the present images, and i more so enjoy creating them!

Why is it so popular now to get these images? Well my thoughts are that this whole experience, and the first two weeks of your babies life, can be quite a blur for some parents. Running on sleep deprivation and just barely getting through each day. It is wonderful to look back on that time and remember it with joy and a heart full of love, how little and tiny your little baby was and that that time was an amazing moment in your life.

I can’t stress enough how much i wish this type of newborn photography was around when my babies were born, i would have loved these images of my babies.

Newborn Photography by Nerida Louise Photography
Newborn Photography by Nerida Louise Photography
Newborn Photography by Nerida Louise Photography

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