Choosing your Professional Photographer

Choosing a professional photographer to capture your images is a very big decision. One that some search for days, weeks and months before deciding on the right one for them. The decision is important. Some of the reasons people are booking a professional photographer is a once only opportunity. Moments that can’t be re-done.

I thought i would show you why. Below are some images for example, on the left are the Straight out of camera image the other a corrected image. This shows why it is such a big decision. A professional knows how to colour correct, fix a baby’s jaundice/red/blotchy skin and make that image one that can hang on the wall nicely in your home. It is not an easy job and takes years of training, correct colour management system on their computer and colour calibrated screen.

When booking a photographer, please take into account their training, their style, how the images look and what you want your images to look like when you hang them on your wall.

Nerida xx

Professional-photographer-Wollongong professional-photographer-wollongong

professional-photographer-wollongong professional-photographer-wollongong

Professional-photographer-wollongong Professional-photographer-wollongong