Cake Smash

Illawarra Photographer creating gorgeous, custom styled portrait sessions for clients from Sydney to Nowra.

Here is a snippet from a recent Cake Smash Portrait Session. We had an absolute ball in the studio creating this gorgeous setting for this equally gorgeous little girl.

Nerida Louise Photography offers custom styled cake smash sessions. We tailor the setting for what you envision and around the cake that you choose. We can also offer the cake service for you, so you leave all the work up to us!

For more information on our portrait sittings email us today, or to book please fill out our easy to use portrait booking form.

Nerida xx

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Newborn Photography~ A day in the life of a Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photography is a beautiful gift. Newborn photographers are blessed with being able to gift to parents precious images from one of the most important moments in their lives.

Behind the scenes these sessions take hours to prep, organise, set up and complete. Even before you arrive to your session we have spent countless hours organising and getting everything beautiful for you. Below is a regular day in the life of Nerida Louise Photography… an easy day anyway. In this nature of work no day is ever the same that’s for sure!

First up the all important message from parents letting us know that bub has been born! This is the most exciting part, the absolute elation that transfers through their text message or email is enough to give me goosebumps. The relief that their baby is finally here safe and sound, the love that fills them instantly, the excitement at the impending images they are going to get of their gorgeous little bubba and the emotions that are swirling around in their body all this translates to us through one message letting us know their baby is here. After receiving the text the work starts…. boy or girl i start planning in my head and writing down what set ups i could use, what colours i can combine, what textures i can add, poses i will use and what gorgeous little outfits i can add. Naturally what works and what doesn’t will come down to bub on the day 🙂

After i toss a few ideas around my mind i will head into the studio and test them together. What background can i use? What floor will it go with best? Should i add a rug? What wrap or tieback should i use? What texture compliments all these combinations? All elements have to come together for it to look perfect. Then, how will i place baby into the scene? What pose & angle will look nicest, and which is safest to do in the prop that i am using? All these factors go into setting up a newborn session, BEFORE the session even starts.

On session day i consult the parents on what props, colours, outfits they would like to use and which colours compliment their decor, after all these beautiful images will have to hang in their home so they have to compliment it 🙂  Upon asking i will show them the ideas i had come up with during the pre-session prep, they may love the ideas or they may like to change the colour combinations to compliment their home, or they may have seen a particular set up on my webpage or on another web forum that they would like to do which is great! I love when parents get involved in the styling of their sessions. But i do like to put together some ideas during the pre-session prep as sometimes parents just didn’t have time to think of what they would like to do for their newborn session, so to have something to show them is a bonus and speeds up the session.

Then it’s photo time! I go through approximately 11 set ups on the beanbag, more if bub is being ultra good for me and sleeping like…. well a baby is the correct term right?! After, we head to 2 prop set ups, again depending how bub is going. These are usually the quickest as i have bub wrapped in most prop set ups, but if they are playing the game i can usually get one wrapped and one not. Usually i do bub wrapped last as it keeps him/her sleepy and i can go straight into the family portraits.

Post session is the nitty gritty part… the editing. Making these beautiful images look polished and finished is by far the most rewarding part. The absolute joy i get seeing these creations come to life as finished works of art is so fulfilling as an artist. Each image is beautifully hand edited, colour corrected and baby’s skin is fixed of any redness, blotches or jaundice. The finishing touches just make the gallery. I try and ensure that there is variety in my galleries which just keeps Mum and Dad saying wow the whole time they are looking at it. Nothing is better then hearing back that Mum and Dad just loved viewing their gallery, and they keep going back to view the gallery over and over again, that to me makes my job the best job in the world, and makes me love newborn photography 🙂

Below are a few examples of images that clients receive from my newborn photography sessions. There is also a large collection of products you can receive or order with your chosen package. If you wish to book in your own professional newborn photography session, please fill in our online Booking Form and have your name confirmed in my diary for 2017. Spots are very limited, so please book in as early into your pregnancy as you can.

Nerida x



Things to be mindful of when booking your photographer

Why do so many people end up disappointed!?

Well the answer to that question is simple. Not many people are educated in what to look for when hiring their professional photographer. Whether it be a wedding, christening, newborn or family session, you are commissioning what you think is a professional to capture your special moments.

I can’t count the number of times I have had a client walk into my studio and tell me a horror story that they had with their first/second/third born child, or someone I have never met message me asking if I could re-edit or ‘fix’ the images another photographer has taken. It truly breaks my heart, but brings me back to the well known fact “You get what you pay for”. But let’s be honest, no-one likes to hear that after a big disappointment. 

So i have put together a little bit of material to help everyone out there so they can avoid the usual pitfalls when booking their photographer.

Ask lots of questions

Every professional photographer has a detailed pricing list/guide. At times these price lists have a cost for everything (session fee and package) and what you get within that price ie: images on a USB and products (prints, albums, canvas, frames etc). For whatever reason they don’t have this then ask many questions. When all they list is a session fee then you must ask what your cost is beyond that, if they won’t tell you because they want to show you at your ‘viewing’ then you are paying for prints separately.

Beyond the session fee some photographers have a ‘minimum spend’ amount, ask what you get for that minimum spend. It never hurts to ask questions. Walking in blind is the most dangerous thing a client can do when booking a photographer.

“For whatever reason they don’t have a detailed price list… Ask lots of questions!”

Do your research 

On top of asking many questions, research your photographer. Have they been in business long? Do they have many testimonials from past clients? Do they have a strong portfolio of work for you to look at? Have they worked in their field of choice for long? Do they have qualifications?

When i talk about qualifications i don’t necessarily mean a certificate or diploma from a course, although this helps as you know they have formal training, it can also mean years of experience under their belt or they are a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP). Training comes in all forms in this industry, it can be years of trial and error, attending mentoring sessions from other photographers or online training. Also, if it is for newborn photography which is my chosen field….have they had their booster and whooping cough shots? Do they have experience in handling and posing newborns safely? I can’t stress this enough! Make sure you are putting your little baby in safe hands.

“Do they have a strong portfolio of work for you to look at?”

Are they a professional business?

Always make sure you check that the photographer you are booking is a registered, professional business. Has an ABN and registered business name with ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission). I mean you wouldn’t visit a doctors surgery that wasn’t registered, or didn’t have professional practitioners that were a member of the Medical Board of Australia right? Same rule applies when you are trusting your memories, wedding or newborn, with a photographer. Check, check and double check that they are a professional, qualified business with all the correct business practices in place. There are too many hobby photographers charging for low quality images, don’t get caught in the trap. Cheap is never good!

“You wouldn’t visit a Doctors surgery that wasn’t registered, or didn’t have professional practitioners”

Is this their specialty field?

Many photographers have a ‘specialty’, an area that they specialise in. Kind of like a Doctor… they become a GP and then they further study an area to make that their specialist field, like Paediatrics or Ear nose and throat. In saying that some still prefer to be a jack of all trades. Though if i was going to book someone, i would prefer the business that specialises in that field… has refined their skills, studied it further, knows what they are doing and they do it so well! I would not like to entrust my big wedding day with someone who, 99% of the time, shoots newborns. Same as i probably wouldn’t get a woman’s hair cut from a barber who mainly cuts Men’s hair. That is just my personal preference and each to their own. Though be mindful of this point, don’t have high expectations if you book someone who doesn’t shoot that style of photography all the time.

“If i was going to book someone, i would prefer the business that specialises in that field”


Too often is see members of the public post on Facebook “Looking for the cheapest and best photographer, any recommendations?”. Those two words ‘cheapest’ and ‘best’ just don’t go together. Nothing that is cheap is the best quality, no matter where you shop. It is just setting yourself up for disappointment and photographs, digital images…well photos in general are not a purchase that you can take back to the store for a refund if you don’t like it.

You have to do your research, make sure you like the photographers style, that you have a connection with their work. Build up a rapport with your photographer during the first initial email exchanges or phone them instead and have a chat. When clients message me for a price guide, i send them an information sheet as well, the information sheet explains what will happen during my sessions, what to bring, what to wear… but the opening paragraphs is a little about myself, building that connection with my client, advising them of my credentials, my past work achievements, courses i have attended. I want to gain that trust with clients before they book me, any professional business will want that for their clients. Make sure when you book your photographer, you feel special. It’s not all about your money with a professional, it’s the customer service and how the experience made you feel.

I hope this helps you with your search for your storyteller.


Nerida xx

What to look for when booking a photographer