Portrait Photography Pop Up Shop

Will you be there to visit our gorgeous portrait photography pop up shop this week?

We have our very own little shop inside the Wollongong Mall this week. We will be running our portrait photography pop up shop until April 12th 2017. This is a great opportunity for potential clients to view our products, framed portraits, albums and have a chat with us about your needs. It is also a great opportunity for us to engage with our clients, meet potential clients and discuss any needs or questions you may have.

We are very excited about our venture into the retail environment and to showcase our beautiful products and portraits to you, our clients.

Our pop up shop is located on Level 2, Wollongong Central – Opening hours are;

Mon – Fri   9:00am to 5:30pm

Sat            9:00am to 4:00pm

Sun .        10:00am to 4:00pm

We look forward to meeting you!

Nerida xx


View the below link to view our pop up shop as advertised on Win News Illawarra

Pop Up Shop

Portrait-Photography Portrait-Photography


Children Portrait Photography ~ By Nerida Louise Photography

Fine art children portrait photography by leading photographer Nerida Louise Photography.

Our children portrait photography sessions are exquisite, elegant and timeless. Images that will wow you and the guests that will visit your home. Find a pride of place in the lounge room to hang these beautifully framed images and remember your children as they grow, as we all know, they grow so fast!

Just a few weeks ago i took a beautiful portrait of my 9 year old son and while i sat and stared at the final product, i couldn’t believe just how much he has grown. He is so big and grown up in the image, i can remember so clearly the day he was born. Where did those years go?

As my children grow it is becoming harder to get them in front of the camera, they just won’t do it! Especially my teenagers (15 and 18 year old), it’s like i am asking them to pull their own teeth out with a piece of string. So i am ensuring i capture as many as possible of my youngest before he hits that stubborn stage.


Above is the image of my youngest that i took a few weeks back and yes i am still deciding how i will frame this and hang it on my wall! Even us professional photographers struggle with that 🙂

So, when was the last time you got some truly beautiful, elegant portraits of your children? Or the two siblings together before they won’t even stand in the same room, let alone close (yep my two teenagers are at that point).

We have put together beautiful packages for these portrait sessions. All packages include a fine art framed image of your choice to display in your home, plus 5×7 matted prints of all images in a beautiful box set. These packages are put together to allow clients to remember and display your memories throughout your home

children-portrait-photography children-portrait-photography


If you would love to book in one of these beautiful sittings for you children, please contact us today at We would love to hear from you and capture some memorable moments.




Nerida xx







Portrait Photography in Wollongong – Why it is becoming so popular

Portrait Photography Wollongong  – The increase in google searches for this keyword is on the increase.  Parents are searching this in the hopes of finding a professional to capture their memories. The demand for Newborn, children and Maternity portraits by families looking to savour these moments in their busy, hectic lives is at it’s peak. The booking calendar on my Website backs this fact too. I only have one free day this week and that one day is becoming more rare! So, what is all the rave about?

Well let me explain from my experience. Parents in this generation lead hectic lives. Most can’t afford to stay home with their children as long as our parents or our grandparents did. Mortgages, cost of living and holidays are such a growing expense that both parents need to work. Sad yes. So time with our children is precious, remembering those certain stages as they grow is precious and having that memory as a hard print is the most precious gift.

My parents, even now, are still like this. My mother has a whole hallway full of framed pictures, which we as teenagers dubbed the ‘hall of fame’! It shows each stage of my sister and mine’s life, it was embarrassing as a child and teenager, but now i appreciate walking down the hallway and staring at the pics. Remembering when i had my first child, remembering two of my grandparents who are no longer with us, remembering birthday celebrations or holidays we had as a family. The hallway is not longer an embarrassment for me, but a walk through my life with my family which i appreciate now. Even i am guilty of not taking more snaps and being too busy when my children were small. Taking this short time with them for granted!


Memories. Memories are what keeps us craving more photos, more family portraits and more holidays. Every time i book a client, that first initial email most of the time says “i am looking for a professional to capture this moment for my family as it is only there for such a short time” and how true that statement is! That is what is making Portrait Photography Wollongong so popular. Busy parents trying to remember these precious stages with their children that are so fleeting.


So, you ask, what are the popular stages to capture? Well for us here in the studio it’s our very popular and in demand Newborn Sessions, Maternity Portraits and 6 months + sitter sessions. These are our sessions that parents are booking out and can’t get enough of, To book your special and unique Wollongong portrait photography session with renowned photographer Nerida Louise Photography head to our booking form and secure your date, if your preferred date is booked out, please choose the nearest available one to that date 🙂 Or if you would like to have a chat with us (we are super friendly and love a good chat), we would love to hear from you.


Nerida xxx



Professional Portrait Photography, how do you choose the best one for you?

Professional portrait photography can be a wonderful investment for families when chosen correctly, but sometimes choosing a photographer to capture a special portrait can be a daunting task.  Pictures generally create the longest lasting impressions you will have of any special occasion, therefore it is important to make a well-informed decision when selecting a photographer for you professional portrait photography.

But when there are so many photographers out there, how do you decide which photographer is better, or which one is right for you?  For many people, price is often the main determining factor but this is not necessarily the best decision, it should in fact be quite the opposite for clients. Like the old saying goes…. quality over quantity.

So how do you choose the best professional portrait photography in a sea of photographers? Who is most likely to create extraordinary portraits which are really worth paying money for? How can you tell a great photo from an ordinary one?

When looking at a photographers website, Facebook page or portfolio, don’t worry too much about what other people think. Find a portfolio that strikes a chord with the one’s who really matter: you and your husband/wife.

Photography is such a personal choice, and if you try  to follow the opinions of many others, you will more then likely end up with portraits that you don’t really want to hang on your walls! Instead ask yourself these questions – is this photo a Gem or a Snapshot to YOU? In a sea of photographers which portfolio stands out to you? Who’s images look beautifully finished and polished? Who’s images look like they would be a forever portrait hanging on your wall?


When talking with your photographer, take a moment and ask yourself – is he/she passionate about their work? Passionate about photography? Do they love their work? Do they know their field of work? Do they know what they are talking about when discussing photography?

They are the ones who don’t watch the clock while working with you and they tend to produce photos that are infused with richness and quality. And they’re a dream to work with.

There are so many photographers out there that thought doing “photography” was a great idea to make a “bit of extra cash” or help “pay the bills”. It’s not about making remarkable art and more about getting a good enough shot to get paid.

You want to be able to walk away from your session with a collection of images which all look ‘different’, like they were taken at different times and a different location. When you look through your gallery all you feel is wow, wow, wow when you peruse each image. You don’t want to pay for anything short of wow!

So when choosing a photographer for your professional portrait photography, book with a professional. Don’t make decisions entirely based on price as these are you memories, your investment and you deserve the BEST! 🙂




Nerida xxx



Exercises during pregnancy

It is widely known that yoga is the most relaxing exercise. Stretching and working your inner core, whilst still leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. I have grabbed some awesome information on yoga exercises and the best yoga poses for you to try from the Baby Center website. This website is jam packed full of great ideas to help parents get through their pregnancy as smoothly as possible.

Best yoga poses for pregnancy

Cobbler’s or tailor’s pose: This sitting pose helps open the pelvis. If you’re very loose-jointed in your hips, make sure your ‘sit bones’ are well grounded on your mat or blanket. Place pillows or rolled-up towels under your knees to avoid hyperextending your hips.

  • Sit up straight against a wall with the soles of your feet touching each other.
  • Gently press your knees down and away from each other, but don’t force them apart.
  • Stay in this position for as long as you’re comfortable.

Pelvic Tilt or angry cat: This position helps relieve back pain, a common problem during pregnancy.

  • Get on your hands and knees, with your arms shoulder-width apart and your knees hip-width apart. Keep your arms straight, but don’t lock your elbows.
  • Tuck your buttocks under and round your back as you breathe in.
  • Relax your back into a neutral position as you breathe out.
  • Repeat at your own pace.

Squatting: Denise recommends doing a squat pose every day to relax and open the pelvis and strengthen the upper legs. As you start to feel heavier in pregnancy, rest your bottom on props such as yoga blocks or a few stacked books. Focus on relaxing and letting your breath drop deeply into your belly.

  • Stand facing the back of a chair with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, toes pointed outward. Hold the back of the chair for support.
  • Contract your abdominal muscles, lift your chest, and relax your shoulders. Then lower your tailbone toward the floor as though you were going to sit down on a chair. Find your balance – most of your weight should be toward your heels.
  • Hold the position for as long as it’s comfortable.
  • Take a deep breath and, exhaling, push into your legs to rise to a standing position.

Side-lying position: This is a good resting pose for the end of a practice.

  • Lie on your left or right side with your head resting on your arm or a blanket.
  • Put a body pillow or blanket roll between your thighs to give your hips some support.
  • If you’re in a yoga class, your instructor may guide you through some breathing exercises.

Other good poses during pregnancy: Try the standing warrior and tree postures. (Look online for examples.) These poses strengthen your joints and improve your balance. Warrior poses can also ease backache and sciatica.

How do I get started with prenatal yoga?

To find a prenatal yoga class near you, start by searching the Yoga Finder website or look online for yoga DVDs or streaming programs. You also could ask your healthcare provider for a recommendation, or check for advertisements posted at your local hospital or prenatal health clinic.

Always check with your GP or health care professional before engaging in any exercise during your pregnancy.

February was a busy month!

February was a busy month for us in the studio with baby photos, maternity photos and mentoring!

The team at Nerida Louise Photography was filled to the brim with babies, pregnant Mums. Though the highlight was when we had another photographer visit us to learn some new skills, and how to get babies into those cute little poses Nerida Louise Photography is well known for 🙂

Danni from Danni Harrison Photography came all the way down from Scone to do a mentoring session with me! Yes i was blown away and humbled by it all at the same time. She wanted to learn more on how to pose babies, wrap babies and calm and soothe babies. It was such a fun day and i enjoyed handing down some of my skills and secrets. Learning and growing in this industry is something i am very passionate about. Not only for myself, but for my clients as well. I like my clients to know that i am keeping up to date within my industry and i am continually learning so that i can offer them the best experience when they book with me.


We also had loads of pregnant Mummies during February (which means lots of babies in March!). These maternity sessions were so beautiful and really made me wish i had photos like these all those many moons ago. Unfortunately it wasn’t a big thing to get these done 18 years ago.
Maternity session has become super popular for me as a bundled package with a newborn session, as it is a great way to remember the entire journey and experience as a couple. So many clients are enquiring more and more for both Maternity and Newborn bundled sessions, which is so exciting for me. I love documenting the whole journey for couples/families, putting it into an album for them so they can remember their story as a family.

sydney-baby-photos baby-photos

March has already started and i have hit the ground running with it! It is set to be an even busier month so i look forward to updating you all soon!

Nerida xx

Beautiful Newborn Portraits

Nerida Louise photography is a professional studio specialising in Newborn Portraits, we offer session in Newborn, Maternity and Children portraits.

In a comfortable and relaxed environment, we capture beautiful, handcrafted images of your baby. Images that are of a professional standard ready to hang on your wall. Using natural light and beautiful props, the images that we produce are pieces of art that will never date over time.


Creating images is what i love to do, remembering your special moments is what you love to do, so I have tailored packages with digital images to ensure that your memories are captured, displayed on your walls and never far away.

I have been capturing newborn portraits for clients all over the Illawarra, Sydney/Sutherland Shire and Campbelltown areas for 4 years, I have had clients travel from afar just to get their memories captured by me. I don’t require you to come back to my studio to select images like other competitors, i upload your gallery onto my website and you choose your prints and products from there. Once ordered and received, i post your priceless prints and digitals out to you. New Mums love convenience and we pride ourselves on offering a convenient service.


With our newborn portraits we offer a great selection of beautiful fine are products, matted prints, fine art frames and albums. Our products are all sourced from Australian companies that are hahnemuehle certified print labs to ensure quality and longevity for my clients.


Our stunning fine art frames are built on premises in Australia in a certified print lab, with a selection or gorgeous frames for our clients to choose from. We work with you to ensure that the products you order are going to compliment your living area, we can also work with you to choose the best place to hang your beautiful products in your home.

newborn-portrait           newborn-portrait

We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality products to you. Our signature style is in the care we take when packaging and delivering your order to you. When booking with Nerida Louise Photography, you are not only booking a service, you are booking the best in service, quality and imagery.


To book your newborn portraits with Nerida Louise Photography, please head to our booking form. For further information on our pricing and packages send us an enquiry today.


Beautiful Maternity Photography Wollongong

Maternity Photography Wollongong. A beautiful way to capture and remember such a precious time for couples.

What can i say! These images from a recent Maternity Session in my Wollongong Studio are draw dropping beautiful!

My client contacted me wanting to bundle a maternity session with a newborn portrait session, which is a great bundle to saviour the memories from this special time as a couple.

This session was held in my studio on a Weekend due to the couples hectic work schedule and what a down to earth, happy couple so lots of laughs and fun was had during the entire time we spent shooting these gorgeous images. Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this moment for you. Can’t wait to meet bub!

If you wish to book in a maternity photography session with Nerida Louise Photography, pop over to my booking form, or to get more information on our bundles please contact us now, we are happy to help you further.

Nerida xx

maternity-photography-wollongong maternity-photographer-wollongong

Maternity-portraits-wollongong maternity-photographer-wollongong

wollongong-maternity-photographer wollongong-maternity-photography

marternity-photographer-wollongong maternity-photography-wollongong

Sydney Maternity Photographer

Sydney Maternity Photographer Specialising in fine art portraits which capture the beauty and essence of pregnancy.

A maternity session is the perfect way to capture that gorgeous growing belly carrying your precious little bundle. Memories like this are what you will treasure many years down the track. It is something your children will stare at on the wall when visiting, amazed that that is them growing inside you. Something they will take off the wall and add to their home with pride of place once their parents are no longer with them. These are memories that we as parents need to savour for our children so they have something to keep and hand down so our memories stay alive in print.

Bundle your maternity session with a newborn session and you have a milestone gallery that you, and your family, can treasure.

At Nerida Louise Photography we offer stunning portrait sittings for families, yes we encourage you to bring Dad along to join in on maternity sessions too. This is a precious time for families and we want to capture this for you. All our sessions come with beautiful wall mount fine art frames and prints, printed in a certified printing lab to guarantee longevity for our clients. We can also have these beautiful memories put into an album for you, both the maternity and newborn session so it tells a nice visual story for you, your family and friends to look over and remember.

If you wish to book your session with Nerida Louise Photography, please do so via our online booking form or contact us to discuss your session further. If you wish to have your hair and makeup done on the day, we offer this service with award winning makeup artist Kat Quinn. Please mention this when booking so we can arrange.

Warm Regards,

Nerida xx






Choosing your Professional Photographer

Choosing a professional photographer to capture your images is a very big decision. One that some search for days, weeks and months before deciding on the right one for them. The decision is important. Some of the reasons people are booking a professional photographer is a once only opportunity. Moments that can’t be re-done.

I thought i would show you why. Below are some images for example, on the left are the Straight out of camera image the other a corrected image. This shows why it is such a big decision. A professional knows how to colour correct, fix a baby’s jaundice/red/blotchy skin and make that image one that can hang on the wall nicely in your home. It is not an easy job and takes years of training, correct colour management system on their computer and colour calibrated screen.

When booking a photographer, please take into account their training, their style, how the images look and what you want your images to look like when you hang them on your wall.

Nerida xx

Professional-photographer-Wollongong professional-photographer-wollongong

professional-photographer-wollongong professional-photographer-wollongong

Professional-photographer-wollongong Professional-photographer-wollongong