Professional Newborn Photography

Professional newborn photography is a massive decision. It is something that i am extremely passionate about educating people in as it is a fleeting moment in a families life.

It is also imperative that you put your newborn baby in safe, qualified hands. That i can not stress enough.

I was chatting to a client recently and in that discussion the client told me that the newborn images they had done of their eldest daughter there was only one image that they liked or would print from the entire gallery, which was extremely disappointing.

My heart broke for the couple, that was a special moment and memories for them.

So, it is my mission now to educate everyone on booking with a professional to ensure that what you get is quality. You are investing in a lifelong memory, not a phone or an Ipad that will last 2 years, this is something that will last you decades if you spend properly ūüôā

The main things i tell people to look for when booking are;

  1. A portfolio that has a consistent quality of images. With this i mean each image is of a high standard.
  2. Variety. A gallery that shows a variety of different poses, set ups, lighting or style. You want to see that the photographer is capable of more then one style or setup; for example on the beanbag posing and in props.
  3. Testimonials. This part of their website is crucial. How have other clients responded to working with this photographer?
  4. Qualifications.¬†This isn’t always necessary, but it helps to know that the photographer has passion and dedication toward what they do. Especially when it comes to handling and posing babies. Have they learnt how to correctly work with newborns?


I can not stress enough the importance of booking with a professional. Try not to shop for cheap when it comes to photographing your baby, as cheap is never best.

I hope i have helped in some way on your search for your perfect newborn photographer. Please if you have any questions about booking in for professional newborn photography,  i am always open to chat and help guide you. Even if you are not booking with me.

It is always good to ask questions as your baby and these memories are so precious.


Warm regards,




professional-newborn-photographer    professional-newborn-photographer

professional-newborn-photographer    newborn-photographer

professional-newborn-photographer    professional-newborn-photographer

professional-newborn-photograher    professional-newborn-photographer

_S0A8994    professional-newborn-photographer

professional-newborn-photographer   professional-newborn-photography



Newborn Twin Session

So absolutely happy with how this gorgeous newborn twin session turned out. What a blessing these two darlings are. They both behaved so perfectly for me on the day which resulted in an amazing gallery for Mum and Dad to cherish for years to come!

Enjoy looking at a few pics from their gallery ūüôā

If you are interested in booking your newborn session with us, please visit our online booking form, or for more information send us an email, we would love to hear from you ūüôā

Warm Regards,




Twin-newborn-session     _S0A9498


Newborn-twin-session     _S0A9525


_S0A9518     _S0A9556


Newborn-twin-photography     _S0A9587

Newborn baby photography

Newborn baby photography is my favourite thing to be doing. I just love my job and i love delivering galleries to parents during this beautiful time.

Another gallery went out today to a gorgeous baby girls Mum and Dad. A mixture of beautiful colour and striking black and white images graced this gallery.

There is nothing more special and more beautiful then documenting a family at this amazing time in their journey as they bond with their new baby.

Enjoy this little snippet of a recent gallery. If you are wanting to book your newborn baby photography session with Nerida Louise Photography, head over to our website. We have a very easy to use online booking form or to ask us for further information on our sessions, send us an email through the contact form.


newborn-baby-photography    _S0A9092

newborn-baby-photography-wollongong    _S0A9044

newborn-baby-photography-illawarra    _S0A8994

newborn-baby-photography-sydney    _S0A9208



Baby Photography Wollongong

We are a portrait studio specialising in the art of  Baby Photography Wollongong.

We will be showing our Baby Photography at the Baby at the Beach Expo this Sunday!

Also we are in a giving mood this week so we are¬†taking a huge 20% off portrait bookings and a free 8×12 matted print for those who book their session on the day. How awesome is that!

So, if you are expecting a little bundle of joy and haven’t yet booked in your newborn session, head down to City Beach Function Centre on 13th August between 10-am – 2pm.

We are really looking forward to meeting everyone!


Warm regards,



 baby-photography-wollongong baby-photograhy-wollongong baby-photography-wollongong

Beautiful Portrait Gallery

A few images from a recent portrait gallery i did. I am just in love with this gallery and really i could have shared them all!

Mum booked in a portrait session instead of a newborn session to capture more images of bub with¬†her siblings….brilliant idea i think! So instead we took only a few of bub alone so she has the memory of how tiny her little bubba was, but more images of the siblings all together for her ūüôā

To book your session please head to my¬†website. If you require more information my sessions please contact me through¬†here¬†ūüôā

Warm Regards,


Portrait-gallery _S0A8601




Portraits Session Frequently asked Questions



  • Do you have your own studio space?
    I have a beautiful natural light home studio, where all of my newborn sessions are held. I also shoot maternity and baby sessions in the studio.
    Having a studio allows me to set-up prior to your session, making the most of our time in the studio. It also allows clients a wider variety of props and set-ups, as clients are able to choose and select the props/colours they like from my selection of in-studio props to incorporate into their sessions.


  • What are your opening hours?

We are open 3 days a week for our studio and newborn sessions. We have it this way to allow room for movement incase our newborn bookings decide to arrive early or late. This reason alone is why we recommend that you make your booking early into your pregnancy to ensure you get a session date with us.

  • Do you have all the props in your images or do we have to bring our own?

I supply all the props/wraps/outfits/blankets and bonnets that you see in my images. I have a great selection of coloured wraps and textures in the studio that my clients can go through during their session and pick out what that they would like to incorporate and use in their images.


          • Do you use professional cameras and equipment?
            Many photographers use an entry-level DSLR camera which have very low resolutions, and unfortunately clients are often completely unaware that they are paying for an inferior product. You MUST insist your photographer have a FULL FRAME DSLR. This allows you the freedom to enlarge your photos to larger sizes while maintaining their quality and sharpness.
            I use a professional Canon 5D MKiii, which is a full frame frame DSLR camera offering outstanding quality images with high resolutions. I also use top of the range lenses.


          • Do you have qualifications in photography?
            Qualifications display a commitment to the craft and offer peace of mind for clients that they are hiring a skilled professional in their field.
            I have completed a Certificate IV in Photo Imaging and my Diploma in Photography. I have also learnt from and been¬†mentored by Australia’s top newborn photographers Kelly Brown and Erin Elizabeth. Kelly and Erin are leaders in the newborn photography industry and regularly teach and mentor both in Australia and internationally. I have learnt to pose and handle babies in¬†the correct and most safest manner when conducting my newborn portrait sessions.


          • Your pacakges are quite expensive compared to other photographers, what makes your work worth the investment?
            Photographs of your memories and loved ones is a huge, lifelong investment… These moments disappear so quickly and we don’t get them back. Professional images freeze these moments in time, allowing families to display them on their walls to look back on and remember those tiny little details in years to come.
            The QUALITY of these images is the important part. Like the saying goes… you get what you pay for! High quality work is worth the investment.
            I aim to capture timeless images, ones that won’t date over time….. and edit them to the highest standard possible so in 50 years when those images are being handed down through the generations, they are still going to be much loved images… Long after the moments were captured, and long after you held your tiny baby close to your heart.
          • Do you use a professional print lab available only to professional photographers or just your local print kiosk?

The difference in printing is huge. I print all of my products through a certified and professional print lab, ensuring top quality products, accurate colour and a warranty on your products. My computer monitor is fully calibrated to ensure colour and tonal consistency with my lab so the quality is always superior.

Printing your images through a local photo kiosk, such as Officeworks, Kmart etc, will not provide you with the same quality image as those printed through the professional print lab I have use and trust.

          • Do you offer a professional range of products?

I offer a beautiful leather folio box with your package, as well as a range of fine art prints, albums and canvases, all through professional print labs. This ensures that you are receiving the highest quality product to display in your home.

          • How long have you been working with newborns?

I have been photographing newborns professionally since 2014. I safely and professionally  photographed approximately 150 plus newborn sessions and have built up a wonderful reputation with my clients.

          • How far ahead should I book for a newborn session?

Popular photographers often book out months in advance. For this reason, booking while you are pregnant is the best way to ensure availability for your newborn session. Due to the uncertain nature of delivery times, I will only take on a limited number of newborn sessions per month and allocate a session date once baby arrives. Newborns are best captured between days 5-12, however I’ve consistently had success up to 6 weeks. The best time to book your session is in your second trimester to avoid missing out.

To book your session, please click here to view our pricing and packages, along with our booking calendar where you can book your session with us today.




Portraits ~ Baby at the Beach Expo

We will be showcasing our portraits at the Baby at the Beach Expo!

Are you expecting a precious little bundle? Head on down to the City Beach Function Centre on August 13th and visit our expo stand. We will have all our beautiful products and portraits on display for you to look over and have a chat with us about our business and what we offer.

For the last three years we have been attending the Baby at the Beach Expo as it gives us a chance to meet parents and have a chat about our studio and what we offer. There is nothing better then being able to chat personally to parents who are thinking about booking in for a portrait session with us, and we believe this expo helps us to connect with you.

So if you have been thinking about booking in a session with us but would like more information on our products and service, then head on down to the Baby at the Beach Expo and have a chat to us, we love meeting people and we love chatting about¬†photography! You can also take advantage of our discount! We are currently running a discount on 96.5 Wafe Fm and right up until the end of August ūüôā

When:  13th August 2017

Where:  City Beach Function Centre, 1 Marine Drive, Wollongong, NSW 

Time:  10am


We look forward to meeting you all ūüôā




portraits - Wollongong

portraits - illawarra


portraits - sutherland shire


portraits - campbelltown

Portraits - south coast



Portrait Sessions – By Nerida Louise Photography.

I love a really good bargain! Don’t we all? Browsing through shops or on the internet, anytime i see ‘BARGAIN!’ i am like a cat chasing a mouse, I have to have it! As long as it’s good quality of course ūüôā I have my limits!

So, we don’t often do specials and bargains. No reason why, i just like to ensure that when i do offer them it’s a good one¬†and not lacking in quality for my clients.

So as of next week i am running a bargain special! Any portrait sessions booked next week will receive an upgrade on their package! Wow i have never done that before!

So if you book the Lullaby, you automatically get upgraded to the Enchanting package and you receive a frame as well! How cool. The catch? This is only valid for one week and i only have 6 spots available for this special so be quick!

Don’t stress if you miss out though as we are running another ‘smaller’ special the following week in conjunction with 96.5 Wave FM!! It doesn’t involve an upgrade.

So get in quick! I imagine all 6 will go quick!

To book head over to our website and click on pricing, following this link¬†ūüôā


Much luv,




Want to know our secret?

If you are here then you want to know our secret right?

When I had my three children, there was no option for beautiful images like the one’s that are available to parents¬†now. All I have to remember the joy of having my three babies are the worse hospital photos you could imagine. Wrapped in that god awful hospital blanket! Sheeeeeesh…. add to that the fact that the images are fading in their frame so soon enough I probably won’t have much of the photograph left! ūüôĀ I barely have a picture of me pregnant. Possibly my biggest regret.

The secret to our success is in our ability to capture professional portraits and deliver results that keeps our clients coming back to us. Our use of dramatic light in our portraits to show colour, light/shadow and emotion are what we are best known for, our beautifully lit, natural light images. Most think we use flash due to the impact our images have with our use of light. Nerida has spent her career mastering natural light, to ensure that the light wraps around her subject showcasing beautiful shadows and creating amazing depth in her images.

We have completed 150 plus newborn sessions both safely and professionally, delivering beautiful products our clients can display on their walls, with the added touch of our timeless and unique style.

_S0A7439-2 _S0A8245

We are a high end photography studio that caters to clients who¬†want the best product available along with frames and prints that are printed by Australia’s¬†only Hahnem√ľhle certified printing lab to¬†the highest standard. Nerida’s¬†passion and drive to create pieces of art that clients will fall in love with is infectious. Nerida, the heart of Nerida Louise Photography, invested 3 years studying her craft and continues to constantly grow and learn by attending workshops and investing her own time in helping others learn through her own mentoring.

Our results show that we are one of Wollongong’s number one photography studios for newborn and maternity portraiture. We specialise in this field which ensures our clients they are booking someone who knows what the clients needs are and who can deliver results. Deciding on a newborn photographer is not a decision that should be taken lightly. This precious moment in a families life is a fleeting one, it passes ever so quickly, so to capture it professionally is a huge investment and a lifelong one.


We realise that everyone is different so we have tried to create packages around that so everyone can enjoy our beautiful art. Chat to us today about your needs and what you would like to receive from your portrait session with us.

_S0A8560 _S0A8275

Much love,


Portrait Photography – Our easy to use online booking system

Hi Guys!

I thought I would quickly jump on here and show you all how easy it is to book with Nerida Louise Photography. Gosh I know how much I love things to be super easy… like getting a coffee first thing in the morning and there being¬†no wait time ūüôā So we have made booking our Portrait Photography Sessions super, super easy. Everything you need to know and do is right here, on our website! No waiting. Unless of course you want to chat to us, then that is fine too as everyone knows…… I love to chat!

Booking our Portrait Photography Sessions has never been more easy. With our new, user friendly, online booking system your session is secured with a few simple steps and clicks of a button.

Our booking calendar can be found underneath our pricing and packages tab, keeping all our information and bookings on the one page for easier navigation. To book through our calendar all you need to do is pick your day and month (this is your due date, or the closest date to it if that one is not available) on the calendar, from there it will bring up the time (all our sessions start at 10am). Click on continue.


Once you have selected the month, date and time it will take you to another page which asks for some of your information and acceptance of our client agreement.


Once you have filled out your information and accepted our client agreement, you will then be taken to a PayPal’s page to complete payment of the deposit.


Once payment is completed you are now all booked in! It is such a simple and easy way for our clients to secure their bookings with us. Once your have selected your date, it is no longer bold and no longer available in our calendar. We also find it to be the safest way through PayPal.

Once we receive the booking confirmation in our emails,¬†a ‘Welcome’ email will be sent to you along with a ‘what to expect at your session’ sheet. This sheet outlines what you need to bring with you on the day, what to expect during your session and how our sessions run. We also give you some great tips on what to wear to your session to ensure you get the best results in your images.

To book your session in with us, head over to our awesome online booking calendar¬†and fill out your details. We promise you, you won’t regret it ūüôā

We are also working on a great project that we are excited to be apart of for the City of Wollongong. No details can be told right at this moment ( it is still top secret!), but if we¬†seem to be¬†lacking in Facebook or other social media posts it’s because we are working very hard on this project to ensure it is a great success plus editing our clients beautiful portraits.

We are still doing our super cute¬†newborn and Portrait sessions!! I just don’t have much time at present to sit and post to social media so apologies for that. I will do one heck of a catch-up soon ūüôā


Much love