Wollongong Baby Photography

Wollongong baby photography specialists delivering another amazing gallery to a happy Mum and Dad. This little man came into my studio and boy was he just an angel. This gallery was truly a pleasure to work on and hand over.

Many laughs were shared during the session and it was a really nice, relaxed day. One that Mum and Dad need when exhaustion is  and creeping on in and taking over their lives.

Enjoy a lovely sneak peak into this gorgeous gallery.

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Newborn Photography Wollongong – Beautiful Newborn Sessions

I have so many portrait sessions to share with you all, I am sort of playing catch up at the moment as i have been so busy!

Today i had a Mum come into the studio to view her gallery and choose her prints. I knew this would be such a hard task as her images were just so amazing. It wasn’t even my baby and i had trouble helping her choose! She walked away with a beautiful order of frames and prints. This is why i love my job so much. I get to create such amazing portraits for families and i help display them so that they can enjoy them for a life-time. Why spend if you can’t enjoy it.


Our beautiful reveal sessions allows clients to view their printed portraits as they will receive them before ordering. This helps clients to see what portrait and product will fit their home, and their style. You purchase the photos you love!

I can’t wait for Mum and Dad to receive their beautiful digital files and products. What an amazing way to remember how little and adorable their baby once was.

Below is a few images from their gorgeous gallery. When i say a few,

what i really mean is i had a lot of trouble holding back and not sharing them all 🙂

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Beautiful new product

I thought i would write a quick blog to show you the first beautiful new product available at Nerida Louise Photography. We have many more in the coming weeks to show you, as we start to introduce a more luxurious line of products to our collection.

This amazing leather folio box is the perfect way to showcase your gorgeous images. Sit this beautiful folio box on your mantle piece at home and let your family and guests gush over your gorgeous fine art images whilst visiting. A very elegant way to store and display your images, you will be the envy of everyone.

Our folio box can hold 10, 15 or 20 matted prints which are all printed on high end 308 rag paper, the best product on the market. We can also have it custom engraved with any details you wish to print on your folio box.

We are so proud to offer this folio box to our clients, which can be ordered in black, white or cream to ensure it suits every home’s decor. This folio box is apart of every newborn package purchased with our new packages.

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Beautiful Sitter Session

Finished this beautiful sitter session gallery today. How absolutely adorable is little Aria.

Aria’s Mummy wasn’t sure what to dress her in for these portraits, but luckily we have a wardrobe full of beautiful outfits for our sitter and children’s portraits, so parents don’t need the worry of what to wear.

I photographed Aria as a newborn last year and it was such a pleasure to see her back in the studio again. Her gorgeous little personality shined through for the camera, as well as her cheeky little smile. I know Mum and Dad will tickled pink with these gorgeous milestone portraits.

To see how much your little baby has changed since a newborn is such an amazing thing. How they have grown into their own little personality, and are now this energetic, bubbly human is a gift to watch. We love to freeze these memories for our clients and turn them into beautiful portraits, that you can treasure and look back on for many, many years to come.

Did i mention again that this isn’t even half of what is in the entire gallery? Wowzers!

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Beautiful Newborn Photography

I am so in love with this beautiful newborn photography session. The mix of gorgeous colours, tones and textures in the gallery are amazing! I haven’t yet handed this gallery over to Mum, but i couldn’t wait to share a little snippet from it.

On the day of the newborn session i asked Mum how she found me to do her newborn photos, her reply made my day “Oh i knew i wanted you to do my pics before my baby was even born!’ Mum had been following me on Facebook for years. So to know she still wanted me to capture this special moment years on was an amazing feeling. Not to mention she had an older daughter with the most beautiful blue eyes and gorgeous personality to throw in the mix too.

So i now introduce you too this beautiful little 5 day old boy and his gorgeous sister…. did i mention this was just a snippet? There is way more in this beautiful gallery!

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beautiful newborn-pnhotgoraphy









Maternity Photography Sessions

I love Maternity photography sessions, but i really loved this maternity session. What an array of beautiful images we captured in this session.

Steph’s mother in law contacted me to book this session in for her, she wanted Steph to be able to look back and remember her first pregnancy. Such a special gift for Steph, as it is a life long one that she will no doubt cherish!

To scedule your own beautiful portrait session with Nerida Louise Photography, please visit my scheduling calendarand select your due date, or the closest date available. This secures your session in my diary. To enquire further about my newborn sessions, please use the contact us page.

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Maternity-sessionsMaternity-photogrpahy Maternity-photographer Maternity-Wollongong

Beautiful newborn sessions

Beautiful newborn sessions by Nerida Louise Photography. Packages include gorgeous fine art matted prints and digital files, delivered in a stunning leather folio box.

We are a boutique portrait studio whom offers our clients amazing heirloom products and a high end range of albums and products. Each session includes images with parents and siblings

Sharing with you today a recent newborn session that we just completed and delivered to Mum and Dad. Both Mum and Dad are amazed and happy with their finished images and look forward to receiving their chosen image beautifully framed to display on the wall. The best part of my job is receiving the reply email from parents explaining how happy they are with their images and how glad they are that they did these images as their baby has already changed so much in that small time 🙂

To scedule your own beautiful session with Nerida Louise Photography, please visit my scheduling calendar and select your due date, or the closest date available. This secures your session in my diary. To enquire further about my newborn sessions, please use the contact us page.


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Maternity Photography

Maternity photography, such a beautiful way to celebrate your pregnancy and the upcoming arrival of your newborn baby. Something i wish i had embraced all those many years ago, though it wasn’t that popular back then.

I thought i would write a blog to help those wanting to embark on the beautiful journey that is maternity photography sessions. There is a lot of planning in the background to ensure that these sessions run beautifully. I was never a big drawer at school, after school or ever really. I could barely draw a stick figure haha. But i have embraced my drawing skills, or lack there of, and started drawing up posing ideas, location ideas, studio set ups, gowns, colours and so on. This way i have everything planned out before my clients arrival which speeds things up on my end.

A few tips from me for any client booking in a maternity session with a professional photographer;

  • Allow 1-2 hours for a maternity shoot. Standard time is 1 ½ hours.
  • Two hours before your shoot don’t wear any tight fitting clothing that may leave marks on your skin. ie; bras, tight elsatic pants around your belly.
  • Moisturise (no shimmer or overly shiny cream)
  • Freshly paint fingers and toes with a neutral/complimentary nail polish or a french manicure/clear polish.
  • Apply a non- shimmer makeup. Matte is the best for photographing. Or book in to have your hair and makeup done professionally. We offer this service with award winning makeup artist Kat Quinn.
  • If you wear jewellery keep it to a minimum, you don’t want focus taken away from yourself and your belly.
  • Beige or white underwear and bra or a tube top is best as you will be in sheer, tight fitting material for some of your images and you don’t want undergarment lines or colouring to show in your images.
  • If you are bringing your own clothing, please keep it simple (ie pastels/ solid colours). Busy prints and large bold logos do not photograph well.
  • If you are including your partner/children in the session, dress them to compliment what you have chosen to wear.
  • Most importantly, relax and enjoy your maternity session, this will show in your images most of all.

I hope this little blog helps anyone wanting to get maternity portraits done. Embrace and love your bump, you won’t have the bump forever, but photographs you will have for a lifetime.


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Portrait Photography Illawarra – Professional portraits

Portrait Photography Illawarra. Renowned for our beautiful portraits we ensure that we deliver exquisite, quality portraits to our clients, along with exceptional products. We pride ourselves on our work and our reputation as one of the most sought after newborn photographers in the Illawarra and South Coast.

I have been working on this gallery for the past week and a half and i have to say, it is simply beautiful. I don’t know how Mum and Dad are going to choose their final images! I am so happy to share with you a few snippets from their gallery. What precious memories to have forever.

If you are interested in booking your own beautiful newborn photography experience, please do so via our website booking calendar. If you are wanting further information on our sessions and products, please send us an email through our contact page.

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Portrait-photography-sydney Portirat-photography-illawarra








Portrait Photographer Wollongong

As one of the most sought after Portrait Photographer in Wollongong i pride myself on delivering exceptional images and products, and this session is one of them! Such a beautiful portrait session and cake smash.

Before each cake smash i like to take the time to do some beautiful portraits before the mess starts! Look how adorable this family is 🙂

I don’t get to do many of these sessions with such a hectic schedule with newborns, but when i do get to do them i love them!

To book your own session with one of Wollongong’s most popular portrait photographer, please visit out website booking calendar and secure your date!

We now have a beautiful array of children’s outfits to help parents when deciding on what to put siblings in for their portraits together. This is a service we offer to ease the pressure off new parents having to shop for an outfit 🙂

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