Beautiful Sitter Session

Finished this beautiful sitter session gallery today. How absolutely adorable is little Aria.

Aria’s Mummy wasn’t sure what to dress her in for these portraits, but luckily we have a wardrobe full of beautiful outfits for our sitter and children’s portraits, so parents don’t need the worry of what to wear.

I photographed Aria as a newborn last year and it was such a pleasure to see her back in the studio again. Her gorgeous little personality shined through for the camera, as well as her cheeky little smile. I know Mum and Dad will tickled pink with these gorgeous milestone portraits.

To see how much your little baby has changed since a newborn is such an amazing thing. How they have grown into their own little personality, and are now this energetic, bubbly human is a gift to watch. We love to freeze these memories for our clients and turn them into beautiful portraits, that you can treasure and look back on for many, many years to come.

Did i mention again that this isn’t even half of what is in the entire gallery? Wowzers!

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