Baby Portraits ~ Some of our latest work

I sat down for some breakfast this morning and realised…. It has been ages since i have shown you some of my latest Baby Portraits! I have blogged many other subjects and my children portrait sessions, but i have completely neglected my baby portraits.

We have had so many sessions, yet i haven’t shared any of them with you! I guess that happens when you’re busy. I usually come out of my newborn sessions completely exhausted and excited to edit some of the pictures that i have captured, that these things slip my mind.

So, below are a few images from my most recent newborn sessions. This job is so rewarding, what a gift to be able to give parents. I am so blessed that i get to do this as a living everyday! I hope you enjoy these beautiful pics.

If you would like to join me for a newborn session, then go on and click the booking tab and make it official! We would love to meet you and capture some stunning images for your family. Or if you want to have a chat to me ( i love to chat, just warning you!) about our products and sessions then drop me an email, i would love to tell you more about my sessions and what you receive from them.


Nerida xx

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