Baby Photography Specialist

We are the baby photography specialist. Well known for our beautifully lit and perfectly posed newborn images. Yes between 6-12 days old is generally the best age for newborn portraits, but did you know that we can do this at any age?

1 Month Old


We really don’t like it when families miss out on capturing these precious moments, or get knocked back from other photographers due to their baby being ‘too old’ after 14 days for newborn portraits. Some new parents just don’t have the time or energy to get around to getting portraits done. That is totally understandable too!


2 months old

So, we thought we would write this quick blog on our page to let everyone know….we accept babies at almost any age! You can still get some of those beautiful newborn poses when you baby is older. Yes, really little fresh newborns is when you get the curled up look, but you can still get cute shots of your baby at an older age ūüôā


7 months old

We understand that pregnant Mums forget to lock in a date for their newborn session, or the new Mum and Dad are just too exhausted to get around to booking a photographer and attending a studio for a newborn session. Why should you miss out altogether? You shouldn’t, that is why we are letting everyone know that it is never too late to book that session and get gorgeous images of your baby.

To book your own¬†beautiful newborn session with the experts in baby photography Nerida Louise Photography, please head over to our¬†booking page, or browse our¬†pricing¬†and¬†gallery¬†for more information on our products. We also have an online¬†shop¬†where you can purchase gift vouchers, plus coming soon you can pre-buy your package just prior to your session and check out with Afterpay¬†🙂

Warm regards,

Nerida xx


1 month old